Monday, September 19, 2011

Proxy sites for school

It is known that not all sites on the Internet can be accessed from school networks. Proxy sites for school are here to help. School servers may block some sites like Facebook or Twitter from visiting. But what if you just want to go there and communicate with your friends?! Good news are that there is a solution. It is called proxy servers. More specifically: free web proxy servers. You can just type in the URL you want to visit and the web proxy server will load all the things from the real site and show you in special window! These are the best proxy sites for school! At the same time school server will think you just visit the proxy site, not the Facebook or Twitter!

The example of some of the best proxy sites for school is

It is a fast and reliable free web proxy server you can use for your pleasure! More proxy sites for school will be posted in the updates to the blog! Check it out often!